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History of the company

ZoomAfter graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 1967, Adam Rachtan, MA, undertook his first restoration works by himself. At that time he started to cooperate with a technical support, the Nawieśniak family - folk artists from Olszówka near Rabka, excellent woodcarvers and gilders with a long practice at the restorer P. Strojny.

In the next years Adam Rachtan extended his activity by asking his colleagues - restorers to cooperate with him and created a team called "Zespół". As the leader of "Zespół", the personnel and professional makeup of which changed depending on the type of restoration works, the group acted around the entire country and abroad. "Zespół", lead by Adam Rachtan, won many significant tenders for restoration works. Good quality and on-time execution of works allowed the group to earn good reputation and respect in restoration community.

While realizing orders financed from state funds, "Zespół", as a group of artists, used legal and financial services of many institutions such as: ARA at ZPAP, Pracownie Sztuk Plastycznych, Spółdzielnia Plastyka, Pracownia Plastyczno-Projektowa Kanon. Lack of the status of a legal person required from "Zespół" making advantage of the registered economic entities and this, most usually, increased work execution costs. In 1992 the leader of "Zespół", Adam Rachtan, decided to register an independent legal entity of the name Rachtan Art spółka z o.o.

Achievements of "Zespół", the presently registered limited liability company Rachtan Art Restauro Sp. z o.o., include many restoration works which prove professional capabilities of this group. Rachtan Art Restauro performed complex conservation and restoration works on first class historic buildings such as Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, Paulite Monastery at Jasna Góra in Częstochowa and many others. The below list of works as well as numerous professional recommendations provide information about the 40-year activity of the group.